Rogart Rotakids

Rogart Primary School is the first school in the Northern Highlands to join Rotakids.  Rotakids is like the Rotary Club for children where we are going to help our community.

Fiona Risk, the Club President, came to welcome us into the Club.  She gave us a certificate and we had our photo taken with her.

Next we filled up our Rotary shoe boxes with things we had been collecting for a couple of weeks.  They are going to poor children and families in Romania.

We are intending to visit people in our community who we would like to help by doing little jobs for them such as collecting in their sticks, running errands, garderning whilst having a wee blether.  We may even perform some songs or play our instruments.  There will also be a Carol Service before Christmas.

As Rotakids we will stay true to the Rotakids’ pledge:  “I endeavour to be fair to all, to serve my community and show respect for others.”

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Wicked Witchy Grotbags

On Friday the 31st of October Witchy Grotbags popped in for a surprise visit to tell Rogart Primiary some spooky stories for Halloween.

We were transfixed by her cauldron and her fortune telling wizerd.  She told us a story about Rogwarts with everybody’s names in and it also had a picture of the Head Wizard.  P1-3 said “The story was spooky,exiting and she was really good at reading”.  Then she gived us some delicious spooky sweets.  We hope she comes back next year!!
Written by Kirsty and May

Fantastic Footballers!


Congratulations to the pupils who took part in the football competition held on Wednesday 02nd October 2014 at Brora Primary School.  Each individual pupil worked tirelessly whilst on the pitch and they made hugh improvements in their game during the competition!  All at Rogart Primary are extremely proud of each pupil and were delighted with their effort!!

Active Maths Open Afternoon

Thank you very much to all the families who attended our Active Maths Open Afternoon.  We were delighted with the turnout of parents, grand parents and friends and it was great to see you all there having fun and being tested by all the children!  The children were really happy to demonstrate Active Maths and show everyone round the school.

Thank you very much to everyone who filled in a questionnaire – please see the following file to check out all the comments, we have collated them all and answered any queries or comments.Collation of questionnaires from Active Maths Open Day

Our Wonderful Book Fair!


Thursday 18th September 2014

We all were invited to Golspie Primary School to attend the Book Fair.  When we arrived Mr McCarthy met us outside.   He took us into a room where there was a lot of awesome books.  We were allowed to walk around and look at the books we wanted to buy.  There was also pens, bookmarks, rubbers, sharpeners and notebooks to buy.  Then we bought the books we wanted and we got to go to the Library to read them for a short while.

After the Library we got to go out to play with the other children.  Ryan said “I felt ecstatic!”

Then we all went to the gym.  The gym was huge and different to Rogart school’s gym.  We all did games together – we did ‘Swim Fishy Swim’ and ‘Chains’.

Here are some of our adjectives we used to describe how we felt about our time in the gym: super; fantastic; energetic; breath-taking; exhausting; exciting; awesome; excellent; and fun.